Alberta College of Art and Design

‘Alberta College of Art and design’ was started 1916 when it was formerly known as Alberta College of Arts. In 1985, Alberta college of art gained autonomy. In 1995, Alberta college was named as Alberta College of Arts and Design.

Throughout the years that the college has been in operation, it has produced quality education and shaped areas near Alberta and Canada and most regions across the globe. Alberta College of Arts and Design has created notable Alumni, who are professional web designers and have done significant projects.

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Academic Programs

Alberta College offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degree in design programs. Besides, the college has highlighted areas if the concentration in the degree programs they offer. These areas include painting (BFA), Photography (BDES), Glass (BFA/MFA), Ceramics, Drawing, Fibre, Print Media, and Media Arts among others. These areas of concentration offer a golden opportunity to students so that they can expand their skills and intellectual capacity.

Degree programs in Alberta College of Arts and Design are Classified into four departments:

  1. School of Communication design
  2. School of Visual Arts
  3. School of Craft and Emerging Media
  4. School of critical and creative studies

The institution had advanced educationally since in 2015; they introduced a Masters program in Fine Arts in Craft Media. Their rapid expansion and development have projected that there will be more masters degrees programs soon.


Alberta college of arts and design is an institution with world class state of the art facilities. Their extensive facilities have made them be recognized as one of the best colleges of arts and design in Canada and across the globe. They have professionally equipped studios and the famous Luke Lindoe Library. The library contains a total of 25,000 resources. These resources assist students in research and practical lectures. The institution also has Kerr Gallery which is popular across the globe. Students in the college have an ideal opportunity to explore the resources available in Karr Gallery. It is crucial to know that quality of an institution is realized with regards to the resources it contains.

In addition to educational facilities, studying in the college gives you an opportunity to enjoy social amenities food courts, gym, swimming pools, on-campus restaurant and ice rink. Albert College is an institution that gives students an opportunity to express their concerns through the student help centers and a platform that gives you a chance to show your talent.

You don’t have to worry about your residence since the college provides an up-to-date student residential area. The residential place is fully equipped with modern facilities to give you an ample time throughout your college time.

Tuition Fees

Alberta College of Arts and Design is an institution that is committed to educating all students regardless of their financial status. This is the only art and design institution that charges the least amount in North America. Moreover, they encourage needy students to apply for scholarship and Award programmes so that they can be enrolled in the school.