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Graphic Design Rules for Posters

In designing posters, there are critical rules that a designer should understand and follow. Designing posters is an important aspect of design because your message must be relayed to the viewer within the first seconds of view. Besides, poster designing is a fun way of communicating the message. Designers must be aware of these rules since, in poster design, you mostly work with symbols, text, and fonts. The fundamental laws include:

Clarity and Visibility

The primary objective of a poster is to provide specific information such that the target audience can understand within few seconds. Therefore, designers should ensure that their data is precise and the target should be in a position to read it from a far distance.

The headline of the poster contains the critical information. Moreover, it is the most extensive text in poster design. Designers should go for headlines that have a readable typeface and attracts attention. For clarity issues, the headline doesn’t have to be fancy.

The second part in poster design is the body which is entirely text. Here, the information provided should be accurate and concise. The size of the text should be at least half size of the headline, and a stronger contrast should be used.

Size of the Shapes and Icons

This is one of the fundamental rules that designers should meticulously consider when it comes to poster design. It is crucial to note that most people see posters at a distance. This implies that designers should use symbols that will make them go closer to the poster. Therefore, color use is of the great essence when it comes to posters. Certain colors are known to attract the attention of the viewers. Designers are recommended to use bold and bright colors which will draw the attention of the viewer’s eye.

Size and the Location of the Poster

Once the symbol of the poster attracts the eye, the next thing that a viewer will observe is the text. It would be a total waste if the text isn’t visible or hasn’t been properly contrasted. Thus, the text should be visible and concise to make the viewer read all the information. Designers should note that long texts tend to be annoying to the target viewers.

Thinking about the internal factors of poster design, it is essential to consider external factors such as the location of the poster. The place where it’s located should be a position where most viewers can see it. If it is in a high place, a highly contrasted and larger text poster should be put into consideration.


Posters are made so that they can carry attention to a viewer at a glance. This can only be achieved if there is high contrast between elements. Designers are advised to opt for bold color and significant color backgrounds. Moreover, you shouldn’t design posters with the obvious designs and colors. Viewers become bored with something repetitive and usual. Try something new but with ideal contrast so that you can grab the reader’s attention at a glance.


In choosing the visuals, a dominant image is everything. Just like the case of text, it has to be visible and readable from a far distance. In posters design, designers should think deeply about factors such as focal points, elements, and illustrations. In addition, they should be careful with regards to layering of elements.

Alberta College of Art and Design

‘Alberta College of Art and design’ was started 1916 when it was formerly known as Alberta College of Arts. In 1985, Alberta college of art gained autonomy. In 1995, Alberta college was named as Alberta College of Arts and Design.

Throughout the years that the college has been in operation, it has produced quality education and shaped areas near Alberta and Canada and most regions across the globe. Alberta College of Arts and Design has created notable Alumni, who are professional web designers and have done significant projects.

By User:Thivierr (Digital camera photo taken by uploader) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Academic Programs

Alberta College offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degree in design programs. Besides, the college has highlighted areas if the concentration in the degree programs they offer. These areas include painting (BFA), Photography (BDES), Glass (BFA/MFA), Ceramics, Drawing, Fibre, Print Media, and Media Arts among others. These areas of concentration offer a golden opportunity to students so that they can expand their skills and intellectual capacity.

Degree programs in Alberta College of Arts and Design are Classified into four departments:

  1. School of Communication design
  2. School of Visual Arts
  3. School of Craft and Emerging Media
  4. School of critical and creative studies

The institution had advanced educationally since in 2015; they introduced a Masters program in Fine Arts in Craft Media. Their rapid expansion and development have projected that there will be more masters degrees programs soon.


Alberta college of arts and design is an institution with world class state of the art facilities. Their extensive facilities have made them be recognized as one of the best colleges of arts and design in Canada and across the globe. They have professionally equipped studios and the famous Luke Lindoe Library. The library contains a total of 25,000 resources. These resources assist students in research and practical lectures. The institution also has Kerr Gallery which is popular across the globe. Students in the college have an ideal opportunity to explore the resources available in Karr Gallery. It is crucial to know that quality of an institution is realized with regards to the resources it contains.

In addition to educational facilities, studying in the college gives you an opportunity to enjoy social amenities food courts, gym, swimming pools, on-campus restaurant and ice rink. Albert College is an institution that gives students an opportunity to express their concerns through the student help centers and a platform that gives you a chance to show your talent.

You don’t have to worry about your residence since the college provides an up-to-date student residential area. The residential place is fully equipped with modern facilities to give you an ample time throughout your college time.

Tuition Fees

Alberta College of Arts and Design is an institution that is committed to educating all students regardless of their financial status. This is the only art and design institution that charges the least amount in North America. Moreover, they encourage needy students to apply for scholarship and Award programmes so that they can be enrolled in the school.

The Beginners Guide to Flat Design

For beginners, flat design refers to the design paradigm that concentrates on the usability. It elaborates factors such as bright colors, two-dimension illustration, crisp edges and open space. Microsoft is a fashionable design which has applied the principles of flat design. Flat design does not convert a real-life object into an interface or a little illustration but instead turn it into a simple image.

Flat design does not contain any flashy design since decorative ornaments are perceived as unnecessary and a distraction to the user. Some designers regard flat design as boring. This is wrong since it has bright, pop buttons, beautiful backgrounds and contrasting colors which carry the attention of the user at a glance.

It is easy to understand flat design due to the use of images. Images give a dipper meaning than illustrations. Almost everyone understands pictures and small icons. Therefore, with flat plan, you don’t have to complicate anything.

What Beginners Can Understand from Flat Design

Flat design concentrates on the principle of fundamental design rules. The critical thing is how a website operates and not how it looks. The essential thing here is the functionality of the website and development of a friendly user interface. You don’t receive positive feedback for how fancy a website looks but how perfect the user interface is.

Flat Design Colors

A flat design must be straightforward but doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be attractive. In flat design, choose bright colors that will grab the reader’s attention at once. Dull colors are not ideal for any design since they are perceived to be boring. Designers are advised to practice Flat UI colors via online platforms.

Important Tips on Flat Design

Finding flat design on every website is difficult. However, there is some website who have decided to use flat, two-dimensional design in creating their content. This is ideal because it attracts traffic and very easy to use. In this case, readers can concentrate on the content provided rather than the visuals.

In creating web design, it is crucial to note that elements should not cross each other. This is to ensure that the page flows smoothly. This should include switching colors and boxes. This is mainly done to improve user interface.

You may use flat backgrounds colors for some buttons or shapes for others. The key thing to note is that color schemes and text are fundamental in flat design.

Designers should always have in mind that their key objective is to create an attractive, friendly user interface and functional web design.

Calgary: Canada’s Jewel in the New West

Located along the at the base of the sweeping Rocky Mountains at the junction of the river jewels of the Bow and Elbow rivers lays Calgary, Canada. Sun-soaked Calgary enjoys the abundant natural beauty from the magnificent towering peaks of the Rockies to the pristine lakes resting like turquoise diamonds throughout the area. Surrounded by ample opportunities for outside excitement, Calgary’s lush natural national parks provide havens for relaxation just a short distance from a thriving youthful metropolitan city that offers the beauty of nature with a decidedly modern twist.

Aptly nicknamed ‘The heart of the New West’, there are so many reasons to visit or settle in Calgary. The area is enjoying a period of tremendous growth due to the fruits of its booming oil plus new energy economy which is drawing some of the best and brightest new Calgarians to live and work in its metropolis. If you’re seeking a new way of living, then read on to discover why Calgary is the growing jewel of the New West.

Giving Nature an Urban Home

Calgarians have embraced the concept of nature coupled with function as they enjoy a multitude of beautiful parks and gardens. And one of the city’s best bejeweled outdoor spaces is the urban oasis of Prince’s Island Park, at a sweeping 49 acres the area as often been compared to New York’s central park. However, Prince’s Island Park can boast of abundant wildlife in an urban city setting such as beavers, rabbits, and even an occasional coyote. Families will love Calgary due to the care that was taken to provide both parents and children alike a chance to discover a greater closeness as they visit the area’s pristine outdoor centers and cultural events.

The Arts Are Alive in Calgary

Calgary’s drive to excel is never more apparent than in its thriving arts scene. The city’s outstanding and world-class arts scene provides both visitors and Calgarians’ alike ample arts experiences in public galleries, working studios, collectives plus artisan shops. This outstanding arts experience is due to the proximity of Alberta College of art and design. But, visual art isn’t the only memorable arts journey available in Calgary. Dance and musical arts performances showcasing some of the best talents the area can offer are also in offering in the city. Dance performances showcasing traditional ballet, modern dance and every movement art in-between is available to enjoy.

Music Echoes across Calgary

Music is the language of the ages and Calgary celebrates its importance on the world stage with a continuing eclectic mix traditional music, country and west and musical events that celebrates music in all its various forms and sounds. Calgary’s National music center opened in 2016 to give a centralized place for Canadians and visitors explore the power of music in an innovative building located in Calgary’s East Village.

England’s Historic Bard Would Be Right at Home in Calgary

Even Shakespeare would easily fit into Calgary’s theater scene. The city has dozens of active theatre groups that are supported in a spirit of cooperation that is evident throughout the city. The main hub for Calgary’s theatre scene rests in the Epcor Centre for the performing arts where professional theatre groups practice their trade in live performances that would have made England’s historic bard proud.

Community Spirit Is Waiting in Calgary

While there are ample opportunities to experience wild nature and exciting live art performances, there is also a sense of community spirit alive in the city that makes a visit to or a life lived in Calgary sometime to cherish. One great example of Calgary’s team spirit in action is the Paint the town project. The project seeks to aid seniors with their outdoor painting home improvement projects by recruiting a team of volunteers to paints the outdoor exteriors of senior homes such as fences, garages, housing trims and more. At project completion, volunteers can be assigned a new senior home in the community where all training and details will be provided at the project start.

Architectural Wonders Abound Throughout

Calgary isn’t just filled with fantastic arts, natural wonders and ample chances to make the best memories, it’s also coming on strong as an architectural powerhouse with impressive builds that showcase Calgary’s desire be to create and innovate in its building work. Over recent years, Calgary has seen a steady increase in truly breath-taking major building projects such as the Bow skyscraper and the new downtown Calgary Central Library that have garnered international attention and praise.

The bell studio building with its innovative twists and turns has become a haven for Calgary’s music lovers because of the additional of Calgary’s National Music Centre into the building. Because of such attention to detail to design in each and every building as has been noted by the esteemed architecture professor at the California College of arts, Andrew Kudless, Calgary continues to thrive as a new city.

Calgary has everything needed for to create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it’s strolling along the pristine beauty of the Bow River, enjoying the area’s building wonders or engaging in and enjoying an amazing cultural arts event Calgary is the place to be in the heart of the New West.

Build your perfect web design portfolios

If you are a professional designer, it is essential to create your design portfolio. This is the place where clients can view your capabilities. The first impression of your portfolio provides sufficient information about you. It is crucial for freelance designers to note that how their portfolio appears decides whether they will get the job. The following are tips that designers should follow when designing their portfolios.

Highlight your previous work

Gather your previous projects and select projects that you feel they are the strongest. It is not recommended to put all your projects in your portfolio. Before you place a plan on the front page of your collection, think of your strengths and expertise in the field of design.

Edit yourself

Some clients are usually in a rush in searching for designers and have no time to look at the portfolio. They just read about you and assess whether you are perfect for the job. Your insight and information should be brief and concise. Use few words to explain about yourself and how well you can deliver design works.

Building your design

When creating your portfolio, it is imperative to choose a platform that is best for you. In addition, you shouldn’t forget to design your personal logo. Finally, organize your work up to the point that your design looks perfect.

Selected Web Design Trends for 2018

2017 web design was mostly focused on web animation chatbots, conversational interface, and micro-interactions. There will be no significant difference in 2018 since the shift from UX design to digital design is set to continue. Also, the 2017 web design trends are expected to grow in various ways in 2018. Web designs that were developed some time ago are expected to make debut in 2018 by showing some advancements and improvements in their structure. According to most web designers and experts, the following web designs are expected to trend for the year 2018


In 2017, the rise of brutalism was primarily discussed by several designers and how it impacted the design industry. This web design is expected to continue its success in 2018 due to its rapid progression and use by many web design experts. With this design, designers have the freedom to do what they want and do not limit users on what they should do.

Variable Fonts

Variable fonts design also appears in the list of web design trends that will make a big debut in 2018. This is because their use is growing faster and widely in both OS and browser platforms. There are improvement projections that are set to be made by the web design such as the expansion of the available typefaces. This will be of great significance to designers since it will change on how they can design for the web by expanding the vocal range, reduced file size and improving the overall performance. Moreover, variable fonts are favorite to many designers since they ensure that designers can manufacture characters that are compatible with screens of different width and length and thus provides quality line length and text grades for individuals with different vision.


A lot of web designers and content producers are shifting to WebVR in the last two years. Most experts are shifting to WebVR mainly due to:

WebVR reduces the process and hurdles to users in the work they pursue. With this web design, you do not have to install the software to proceed with your work. You only have to put their headset.

WebVR is ideal for rapid progression since once it works on one platform, it should be in a position to work on new platforms outside the box.

This web design is ideal for smaller experiences since it bridges the gap between mobile gaming app to something spectacular.

Organic and Oblique shapes

The use of card-based UIs has been dominant in mobile and web designs for quite some time. Web designers who are more observant will realize that most of these cards are either right-angled or sharp-edged. The design significantly changed in 2017. A lot of designs are using more complex shapes such as round. This is slated to progress in 2018 with the development of more complex organic and oblique forms to be used in web designs.

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