Calgary: Canada’s Jewel in the New West

Located along the at the base of the sweeping Rocky Mountains at the junction of the river jewels of the Bow and Elbow rivers lays Calgary, Canada. Sun-soaked Calgary enjoys the abundant natural beauty from the magnificent towering peaks of the Rockies to the pristine lakes resting like turquoise diamonds throughout the area. Surrounded by ample opportunities for outside excitement, Calgary’s lush natural national parks provide havens for relaxation just a short distance from a thriving youthful metropolitan city that offers the beauty of nature with a decidedly modern twist.

Aptly nicknamed ‘The heart of the New West’, there are so many reasons to visit or settle in Calgary. The area is enjoying a period of tremendous growth due to the fruits of its booming oil plus new energy economy which is drawing some of the best and brightest new Calgarians to live and work in its metropolis. If you’re seeking a new way of living, then read on to discover why Calgary is the growing jewel of the New West.

Giving Nature an Urban Home

Calgarians have embraced the concept of nature coupled with function as they enjoy a multitude of beautiful parks and gardens. And one of the city’s best bejeweled outdoor spaces is the urban oasis of Prince’s Island Park, at a sweeping 49 acres the area as often been compared to New York’s central park. However, Prince’s Island Park can boast of abundant wildlife in an urban city setting such as beavers, rabbits, and even an occasional coyote. Families will love Calgary due to the care that was taken to provide both parents and children alike a chance to discover a greater closeness as they visit the area’s pristine outdoor centers and cultural events.

The Arts Are Alive in Calgary

Calgary’s drive to excel is never more apparent than in its thriving arts scene. The city’s outstanding and world-class arts scene provides both visitors and Calgarians’ alike ample arts experiences in public galleries, working studios, collectives plus artisan shops. This outstanding arts experience is due to the proximity of Alberta College of art and design. But, visual art isn’t the only memorable arts journey available in Calgary. Dance and musical arts performances showcasing some of the best talents the area can offer are also in offering in the city. Dance performances showcasing traditional ballet, modern dance and every movement art in-between is available to enjoy.

Music Echoes across Calgary

Music is the language of the ages and Calgary celebrates its importance on the world stage with a continuing eclectic mix traditional music, country and west and musical events that celebrates music in all its various forms and sounds. Calgary’s National music center opened in 2016 to give a centralized place for Canadians and visitors explore the power of music in an innovative building located in Calgary’s East Village.

England’s Historic Bard Would Be Right at Home in Calgary

Even Shakespeare would easily fit into Calgary’s theater scene. The city has dozens of active theatre groups that are supported in a spirit of cooperation that is evident throughout the city. The main hub for Calgary’s theatre scene rests in the Epcor Centre for the performing arts where professional theatre groups practice their trade in live performances that would have made England’s historic bard proud.

Community Spirit Is Waiting in Calgary

While there are ample opportunities to experience wild nature and exciting live art performances, there is also a sense of community spirit alive in the city that makes a visit to or a life lived in Calgary sometime to cherish. One great example of Calgary’s team spirit in action is the Paint the town project. The project seeks to aid seniors with their outdoor painting home improvement projects by recruiting a team of volunteers to paints the outdoor exteriors of senior homes such as fences, garages, housing trims and more. At project completion, volunteers can be assigned a new senior home in the community where all training and details will be provided at the project start.

Architectural Wonders Abound Throughout

Calgary isn’t just filled with fantastic arts, natural wonders and ample chances to make the best memories, it’s also coming on strong as an architectural powerhouse with impressive builds that showcase Calgary’s desire be to create and innovate in its building work. Over recent years, Calgary has seen a steady increase in truly breath-taking major building projects such as the Bow skyscraper and the new downtown Calgary Central Library that have garnered international attention and praise.

The bell studio building with its innovative twists and turns has become a haven for Calgary’s music lovers because of the additional of Calgary’s National Music Centre into the building. Because of such attention to detail to design in each and every building as has been noted by the esteemed architecture professor at the California College of arts, Andrew Kudless, Calgary continues to thrive as a new city.

Calgary has everything needed for to create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it’s strolling along the pristine beauty of the Bow River, enjoying the area’s building wonders or engaging in and enjoying an amazing cultural arts event Calgary is the place to be in the heart of the New West.