Selected Web Design Trends for 2018

2017 web design was mostly focused on web animation chatbots, conversational interface, and micro-interactions. There will be no significant difference in 2018 since the shift from UX design to digital design is set to continue. Also, the 2017 web design trends are expected to grow in various ways in 2018. Web designs that were developed some time ago are expected to make debut in 2018 by showing some advancements and improvements in their structure. According to most web designers and experts, the following web designs are expected to trend for the year 2018


In 2017, the rise of brutalism was primarily discussed by several designers and how it impacted the design industry. This web design is expected to continue its success in 2018 due to its rapid progression and use by many web design experts. With this design, designers have the freedom to do what they want and do not limit users on what they should do.

Variable Fonts

Variable fonts design also appears in the list of web design trends that will make a big debut in 2018. This is because their use is growing faster and widely in both OS and browser platforms. There are improvement projections that are set to be made by the web design such as the expansion of the available typefaces. This will be of great significance to designers since it will change on how they can design for the web by expanding the vocal range, reduced file size and improving the overall performance. Moreover, variable fonts are favorite to many designers since they ensure that designers can manufacture characters that are compatible with screens of different width and length and thus provides quality line length and text grades for individuals with different vision.


A lot of web designers and content producers are shifting to WebVR in the last two years. Most experts are shifting to WebVR mainly due to:

WebVR reduces the process and hurdles to users in the work they pursue. With this web design, you do not have to install the software to proceed with your work. You only have to put their headset.

WebVR is ideal for rapid progression since once it works on one platform, it should be in a position to work on new platforms outside the box.

This web design is ideal for smaller experiences since it bridges the gap between mobile gaming app to something spectacular.

Organic and Oblique shapes

The use of card-based UIs has been dominant in mobile and web designs for quite some time. Web designers who are more observant will realize that most of these cards are either right-angled or sharp-edged. The design significantly changed in 2017. A lot of designs are using more complex shapes such as round. This is slated to progress in 2018 with the development of more complex organic and oblique forms to be used in web designs.